A Government Problem to be Solved

A Government Problem to be Solved

A Government Problem to be Solved 

General Problem: The CA Senate Local Government Committee no longer exists and has not for a decade. 

Specific Problem: This News Article from KQED 

TLDR Problem: Government lunacy has put people in Solano County at a higher risk of cancer.  The Regional Air Quality Board has been investigating a refinery in Solano County for 4 years.  At no point in time over that 4 year period did they notify or inform the town or county of their investigation and findings that the refinery has been emitting cancer causing agents into the atmosphere at 350 times above the accepted levels.  It is possible the refinery has been exceeding this limit for the past 20 years.


Pick up the damn phone or send an email or letter, or have a zoom conference call.

Sometimes logic doesn’t apply to government work and Sacramento should pass a law to make sure this nonsense does not happen again somewhere else in the state. 

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