Putting the Logos in the Democrat logo.

Putting the Logos in the Democrat logo.

#1 The D Logo is copyrighted for some reason

I can not use the actual logo for the Democratic Party because they copyrighted it back in 2011 and renewed it for another 10 years in 2023.  How they convinced the US Copyright office that a circle with the letter "D" in the middle is an original idea that needs copyright protection I will never figure out.  I mean letters are public domain, and a circle is the most basic shape in existence and has been used for thousands of years and usually shapes are not copyrighted and are also public domain.  It's as if they copyrighted the word "DO" which is nothing more than a circle and a D. 

But I'm pretty sure if I submitted a copyright claim for the word "DO" and cited the Democratic Party logo as a precedent I would get a rejection letter along the lines of me being an idiot for trying to copyright the word do.  

#2 The Shape and Color scheme of the logo is way too gay.

Yea. That's right. You read that right. The Democratic Party Logo is too gay. 

It's a blue circle, with a blue D in the middle of it. 

Every Mom knows blue is for boys and pink is for girls. 

It's too much blue on blue going on in the logo, even though I understand the mono color scheme of the Democratic Party is the color blue. 

But for a political party that has a core group of supporters who are female, and many of those females are heterosexual, I find the color scheme and logo to be non inclusive of that core group of supporters. 

So I decided to do a little photoshopping and fix it. 

#3 The D Logo is Unequally spaced.

As you can see there is less negative space inside the circle on the left then on the right, this is probably because that's just how the letter D is shaped. 

However, there is some kind of optical illusion going on, the width on the up and down portion of the D is the same as the curve, but not the same when making a right angle.  I have no idea how that happened or what kind of font allows this oddity to happen. 

Also it kind of irritates me that the center of the circle is not in the center of the D, the center of the circle, or bullseye is just off to the left a little within the D.  

Each of the color matched lines are of equal length in pixels. As you can see, the black lines are not equally spaced within the negative space, and somehow that white line at the top stretches off the D a little. 

I guess the unequalness of this logo is what makes it copyrightable? or artistic?

I still don't know how they were able to pull that off. 



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