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A Different Take on "Street Photography"

Linked below are some look books that open in a new window as a mini web page about the cities I have traveled to. It includes art, history, YouTube videos I have made, and some of my writing, as well as some products you can purchase from this website. My take on street photography is one of "Word on the Street" as in every street has words on signs that everybody looks up at. As a government major I find it somewhat amusing to be the only person who has ever thought street signs have stories to share. In fact I have learned way more by looking around at street signs of my old hometown of Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville CA than I ever learned in a history or government class. Every street sign in your town has a story to tell, the street is named after someone, something, or somewhere for some kind of reason. That reason is probably important to the people who used to be in charge of your town. The more you become curious the more your town becomes interesting and the more you learn. My blog includes "" as images to the stories behind them, in this digital space my goal is to make photography, art, history, cooking, business, come alive. I hope you enjoy browsing my website. Hopefully you will learn something you didn't already know, find something amusing and maybe make a purchase. If you do find something interesting I hope you share it with someone else, that helps my business in the normal "word on the street" sense, because "word of mouth" is always the best kind of advertising.

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A collection of Art created by Dylan Carpowich

"Somebody's Boring me. I think its me." Dylan Thomas

  • Playing Cards

    Has been a favorite past time for Europeans since the 1300's. The French came up with four suites of the cards in the 1500's. The Americans invented The Joker card in the 1800's. Card playing and gambling was also a way the American Revolutionary soldiers passed time at Valley Forge.

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  • War Posters

    Early government advertising such as these were critical to the war effort at home in the 20th century. They informed the public of how they could help America defeat the nazis and protect Democracy. Any work of art paid for by the USA government is public domain and can be used by anyone and can not be under copyright.

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  • A Small Piece of History

    In 2015 I was on a flight from San Francisco to Paris that was diverted to Montreal because of an anonymous bomb threat to the plane.  It made international news and I was famous within my family for about 15 minutes at Christmas dinner.

    Paris Luggage Tag 
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  • X Life Lessons to Live By

    Discover X Life Lessons to Live By, the ultimate self-help book packed with wisdom and powered by AI and Chat GPT. It's like a mental health toolbox in your pocket!

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  • History Happens Everyday

    Uncover the power of history to solve today's problems with our reference book. Find answers and gain insights for a better future.

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  • Collected Writings

    Get unique insights into the socio-political landscape of pivotal years through the eyes of a keen observer with 'Writings by Dylan Carpowich.'

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Books For Sale

A collection of hand picked used and rare books for sale. Each book is hand photographed, so the book you see is the book you will receive. A detailed description of the condition, publisher, age, and author is included for each book. Please browse and enjoy.