2024 Campaign Debate Review

2024 Campaign Debate Review

Debate Review:

1. It was as bad as everyone says it is. No other incumbent President has had to answer these questions two months before their party's convention.  Incumbent Presidents are supposed to have it on easy street until the first debate after the convention.  Now the people have seen it with their own eyes that Biden is old and probably not up to the task. 

2. At the very least, the most optimistic political spin on the debate is that the Biden campaign is a dysfunctional disaster and in need of people being fired and replaced.  How is it that this campaign is being out fundraised by a convicted criminal former President who has been impeached twice.  It's fine to say statistics about jobs or whatever, its even fine to say "Democracy is on the Ballot" but if you are going to make a campaign message be that you should vote for me because a vote for the other guy is a vote to end American democracy as we know it.... That campaign is going to have to have the balls to sell it, by running advertisements that show it.  Don't rely on my memory of Trump being horrible to do it for you, that's asking too much of the American people. 

3. Gavin Newsom has been running for President or preparing for a Presidential run for the last decade.  Every Californian has seen his pseudo national campaign run, it's a not so well kept secret in Sacramento that he is potential back up plan in case something happened.  He ran re-election advertisements in other states for goodness sake, he also appointed a temporary Senator who lives out of state so that the Pelosi crowd could get their candidate Adam Schiff in that seat in part to make new friends.  Now the "Something" has actually happened, it is time for him to announce that he is willing to accept the nomination should Biden decide to end his campaign. 

4. Few Americans have ever done more for American Democracy then Joe Biden, he spent almost 40 years as Senator, 8 years as Vice President, 4 years as President.  After 60 years of public service he has done enough for American Democracy, he can decide it is time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans and step aside and endorse Newsom or Kamala.

5. Trump is the embodiment of the "I'm rubber you are glue, everything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you" third grade line.  It should be easy to defeat.

6. The Democratic Party just needs to get off their ass and win this election, or at least act as if they know what they are doing enough to get it together well enough to pretend to project enough confidence enough to get people to be okay for voting for their guy.   And as things stand today, I'm not sure they are there yet.  

7. At some point this election is going to turn into a sisyphus situation, where we the people feel like politicians are just moving a boulder up a hill, just for it to fall back down, just to push it back up again, and then to watch it fall again in a futile attempt to get movement forward in the direction things are supposed to go.  It's not like the modern day job of a President is that difficult, Congress doesn't pass bills anymore, there are no wars currently being fought by US troops, it's not like the President can change interest rates or has any control over the economy any way, President's don't do press conferences any more either.  The job is sort of just flying around Air Force One, going to events and looking the part, and not being an insane asshole because that's to a good look as the Head of State.  There are over 200 million adult Americans in this country and these two old guys are the best we have as a country? (rhetorical question, but also... not really)



I'm not sure what the Biden campaign is doing, it seems like the Democratic Party and the campaign has had plenty of time to cut and paste and take audio out of context and create hundreds of 30 second commercials similar to this. This took me a couple of hours to put together in Final Cut. It is from two public domain video and audio. The video is from the Jan 6 committee, and the audio is from the Georgia secretary of state with the famous "I need 11,000 votes" line.

There are people in Los Angeles and New York City who can cut something like this in far less time. The day after the debate there should be dozens of these posted by every elected official.

I guess sometimes it's up to us to make things happen.



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