Amending Language in Law and Ethics

Amending Language in Law and Ethics

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Amending Language in Law Here is a link toSB 43 A Proposed Law

I saw this bill on the news and honest to God changing this definition was an idea I had a decade ago and I said so to people who could have done something about it. The term gravely disabled needs to be changed because it’s basically having money or not having money and has 0 to do with mental health or modern psychology. It’s basically if you have money to buy clothes, food, and shelter you’re not by a legal definition mentally ill. I argued and proposed changes to this exact term 10 years ago in the legislature. And for the last decade they’ve ignored my resume thereby keeping me by definition gravely disabled and keeping me not being able to provide shelter, food, or clothes for myself. But this shows the insanity of the legislature as well. They are also gender neutral amending the law while they are at it. The most scientifically sound and biologically correct part of the law is the inclusive phrase “himself or herself” but that’s apparently a mentally ill phrase so it has to be changed to “themself”. So the mentally ill law to help people with mental illness is both helpful and mentally ill at the same time? It potentially could be improving people’s lives and making them get off the streets as homeless people… but it is also perpetuating a societal problem of gender dysphoria being law and ignoring basic scientific facts about evolution simply becuase some schizophrenic college professor made some shit up about multiple genders 100 years ago. And you know what? I’m okay with that sorta. Psychiatry and psychology is like that. When something improves in mental health there’s something else that gets more mentally ill at the same time. For example basic self care which is a good mental health habit for everybody to do could be exaggerated and commercialized and societally created into an entirely third sex/gender. You can improve your mental health by eliminating a relationship that isn’t working anymore, but then that psychology taken too far can make the same person also become judgemental, emotionally sensitive, and egotistical which are not good personality traits people tend to like being around. There’s Psychology in this law.


Ethical Concerns in Science Here's a link to an article I found interesting Three Parent Baby Technique

There’s gotta be some kind of ethical line science gets to and stops to go …. What are we doing? Is this right? I mean is it ethical to be creating new types of humans? What are the religious and evolution implications of having people be born from 3 sets of genes? Scientifically it’s technically possible for them to do a virgin birth like Jesus. But I’m 99.9% sure that is also an ethical issue, that they may not do.

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