Bill Ideas for the CA Legislature in 2024

Bill Ideas for 2024

  1. California does not have an official cut of beef, considering the state was partially founded by ranchers and cattlemen I think it is more than appropriate for California to adopt an official cut of beef. And what better cut of beef can California choose then the throw away part of the beef that California has made famous world wide. The Tri Tip, before the good people of Santa Maria began tossing it on a unique grill, basting it with garlic and butter, serving it with grilled bread and vegetables, the lonely Tri Tip was often times discarded and ground into burgers or other cheap meat. It was California who turned this garbage piece of meat into a delicacy, and it has become a unique part of California culture and cuisine. It is about time California officially adopt this cut of beef. Nobody cares about the official Tartan, but we as Californians love our Tri Tip. And like our song says, I love you California…. It’s time the state legislature throw a little love over to the Central Coast and make the Tri Tip the official cut of beef of the state of California.
  2. California also does not have an official wine region? We have an official Silver Rush Ghost town, and an official Gold rush Ghost town, an official grass, an official soil, even an official Lichen (I don’t know what that is I think it is some kind of seaweed)…. But…. We as Californians don’t have an official Wine? Or official Wine Region? How is this even possible? We should probably adopt the double IPA as our official beer while we are at it. And before anyone starts complaining about how this would promote drinking or some kind of vice… just remember we have an official Silver Rush Town and Gold Rush Town and those towns were all full of brothels, saloons, degenerate gamblers, con artists, and greedy capitalists.
    1. Making Napa or Sonoma Counties the official wine region would be a good marketing thing.
  3. Dedicate May 9th of every year to Katherine McCormick, May 9th 1960 is the day in which the FDA approved the birth control pill. It was developed in part because of Katherine McCormick’s dedication to her mentally ill husband who was a descendent of Cyrus McCormick the inventor of the mechanical reeper which helped the Union win the Civil War. His family became wealthy, unfortunately her husband Stanley McCormick who was a brilliant Princeton Graduate, developed a severe mental illness in 1909 after graduating college and lived the rest of his life in an asylum. Katherine Dexter McCormick took over his wealth and began funding women’s rights movements including suffragist organizations. In the 1920’s she began funding research into how hormones influenced mental illness and schizophrenia at Harvard. Stanley passed away in 1947 and she inherited 35 million dollars, in the 1950’s she helped fund the work of Harvard Researcher Gregory Goodwin Pincus, who was developing an oral contraception pill for women. She donated 2 million dollars to his research and in 1960 the pill was approved by the FDA. In her will she left 5 million dollars to Planned Parenthood. She also donated to art museums, and developed scholarships to get more women in the medical field. There should probably be a statue of this woman somewhere in California but I doubt there is. Any way I think California should dedicate every May 9th, to Katherine Dexter McCormick.
  4. When the new State Capital annex is completed there should be an exhibit of some kind to the First Ladies of California, with a little biography of their accomplishments and their stories. Some of them were quite remarkable people, Mary Pacheco was a well known playwright, her plays had long runs in NYC and London, even though she lost most of her husbands wealth to theater she was an accomplished woman and a well known California Writer. Mollie Low grew up in Marysville CA (not The only First Lady from Marysville) but was all known for her fashion sense and even Mark Twain wrote a little blurb about her fancy dress. Jane Stanford began Stanford University after the loss of her son Leland, she ran the school until her suspicious death in Hawaii in 1905. There is also of course, Nina Warren, Bernice Brown, Nancy Reagan, and Gayle Wilson who was the first First Lady to have an office inside the Capitol Building and dedicated her work to Science and Math and helped get the state to adopt Summer School programs. The First Ladies or “First Partners” of California have done a lot to help improve the State of California and these women deserve a space along side their husband’s portraits inside the Capital Building somewhere.
  5. California has a replica of the original bear flag in the barracks of Sonoma that is over 100 years old. The original got destroyed in San Francisco in 1906, but luckily somebody back in the 1890’s had a decent idea to make a replica of the original. To my knowledge, this is the only replica in existence. For the new State Capital I think there should be a few more replicas made off this flag. Just in case something crazy happens in Sonoma and it gets destroyed or damaged somehow, it would be a good historical thing to have a few replicas on display somewhere else in the state. I propose 4 additional replicas be made off this 100+ year old flag. One would be kept in San Francisco’s city hall, the other Los Angeles city hall, and San Diego city hall, the last would be in the State Capital of California.
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