Feelings and Emotions

Feelings and Emotions

As a man I sometimes have difficulty expressing the words that spell FEELINGS and EMOTIONS.  I lack the vocabulary and the intellectual criteria to judge what they are.  I also lack a brain that is capable of keeping them all on the same page doing what I want them to do all day every day. 

I recently began a new writing project and purchased a new thesaurus geared to the new style of writing I am attempting for my new book which will be a collection of short stories. One of the chapters is labeled "Feelings and Emotions" and has probably 450-500 words linked to Feelings and Emotions. Most of which I recognize and felt at least once in my 35 years on this earth.  But it got me curious, and I began thinking just how much of our society twists and turns on this rollercoaster of feelings and emotions and just how little I know about the study of feelings and emotions.

So I got on the google machine which lead me to this little model that groups feelings and emotions together into more general feelings and emotions.  And basically it works like a color wheel.  Red, Green, Blue, Yellow make up the primary colors of the color wheel and from those colors all other shades of color emerge.  

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions basically works the same way.  He theorizes there are 8 primary emotions. Ecstasy, Admiration, Terror, Amazement, Grief, Loathing, Rage, Vigilance.  And from these 8 emotions arise feelings such as Joy and Serenity, Trust and Acceptance, Fear and Apprehension, Surprise and Distraction, Sadness and Pensiveness, Disgust and boredom, anger and annoyance, anticipation and interest.  And in between those feelings is Love, Submission, Awe, Disapproval, Remorse, Contempt, Aggressiveness, and Optimism. 

This color chart of emotions could be helpful in times in where our feelings and emotions can be confusing to label and understand.  This chart is supposed to be helpful mapping out what is going on inside our brains so we can alter our behaviors and habits to feel what we want to feel instead of feeling and doing whatever for no reason. 

I'm not 100% sure if that last sentence made much sense it could be crazy. Which is an emotion I've felt many times in my life but is not on this color wheel of emotions and feelings. 

My point is that this might be helpful to some and I think it is a cool art/psychology thing that might be good for parents to learn and share with their kids as they are finger-painting learning the colors. 

Download the Chart Here

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