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June History

June History

June 1: First Congressional Act signed by George Washington in 1789. Marilyn Monroe born 1926.

June 2: Intolerable Acts passed by Parliament which forced Colonial Americans to house British Troops; 1774. Queen Elizabeth II coronation 1953.

June 3: Hernando de Soto claims Florida for Spain; 1539. Zoot Suit Riots in Los Angeles, 60 Naval Reservists beat up anyone perceived to be hispanic; 1943. In Paris the first Bikini bathing suite is displayed; 1946.

June 4: Congress passes the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote; 1919. Battle of Midway begins; 1942. Rome liberated from Fascists; 1944.

June 5: Robert F. Kennedy is shot 3 times at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles California, he dies the next day; 1968. John Maynard Keynes an influential 20th century economist was born; 1883.

June 6: Operation Overlord begins, known as D-Day where 155,000 troops invade the beaches of Normandy France to liberate Europe from the nazis; 1944.

June 7: Louis the XIV is crowned King of France, known as the Sun King; 1654. Henry Lee introduces a resolution in the Continental Congress for the United States of America to be free and independent states; 1776.

June 8: Bill of Rights introduced in the US House of Representatives by James Madison; 1789. George Orwell’s book 1984 is published; 1949.

June 9: First Book copyrighted under constitution, The Philadelphia Spelling Book; 1790. Les Paul the inventor of the solid body electric guitar is born in Wisconsin; 1915.

June 10: First Dutch settlers arrive on Manhattan Island; 1610. Benjamin Franklin tests lightning conducted with his kite flying experiment; 1752.

June 11: Continental Congress creates committee of five to draft a statement to the world of the colonies case of independence; 1776. Vince Lombardi is born in Brooklyn NYC; 1913.

June 12: Comstock Silver Lode is discovered in Nevada; 1859. Baseball Hall of Fame is dedicated; 1939. Civil Engineer John A. Roebling born in Muhlausen Germany; 1869.

June 13: Us Office of Strategic Services (OSS) a precursor to the CIA is formed; 1942. Martha Washington is born in Virginia; 1731.

June 14: The US Army is formed by the Continental Congress; 1775. The USA adopts the Stars and Stripes as their flag; 177. The Bear Flag of California is raised for the first time in Sonoma; 1846.

June 15: Magna Carta signed; 1215. George Washington appointed as Commander in Chief of the Army; 1775. John C. Fremont begins his expedition of the Oregon Trail with Kit Carson as his guide; 1842. Oregon Treaty signed which set the US British boundary along the 49N parallel; 1846. Robert Lee’s home area becomes Arlington Cemetery; 1864.

June 16: Ford Motors is incorporated; 1903. Pepsi Cola company is formed; 1903. Grease is released in theaters; 1978. Adam Smith the economist is born; 1723. Geronimo is born; 1829.

June 17: Sir Francis Drake lands in California near Pt. Reyes, names it “New Albion”; 1579. Statue of Liberty arrives in NYC aboard the French ship Sere; 1885.

June 18: William Penn founds Philadelphia in the colony of Pennsylvania; 1682. War of 1812 begins, USA declares war against Britain; 1812. Battle of Waterloo, France is defeated by the British; 1815. Susan B. Anthony is fined $100 for voting in Rochester NY; 1873. Amelia Earhart becomes first woman to fly across the Atlantic; 1928.

June 19: Slavery outlawed in US territories; 1862. General Gordon Granger declares slaves are free in Texas; 1865. Theodore Roosevelt is picked as the new VP to President McKinley at their convention; 1900. Civil Rights Act of 1964 passes the US Senate; 1964.

June 20: The Irish village of Baltimore is attacked by Barbary Coast Pirates and more than 230 Irish were forced into slavery in the Algiers; 1631. George Calvert the first Lord Baltimore is granted a charter by the King for property rights to land east of the Potomac river near the Chesapeake Bay to be named Maryland; 1632. The Charter for the colony of Maryland is given to Cecil Baltimore the son of George, he established the Maryland colony as a haven for Catholics being persecuted by Protestants in Europe; 1633. Louis XVI and the Royal family are caught fleeing Paris during the French Revolution; 1791. My Dad Richard Carpowich was born; 1951; My sister Paula Carpowich was born; 1981.

June 21: The US Constitution goes into effect when New Hampshire is the 9th state to ratify it; 1788. Cyrus McCormick patents the reaping machine, a machine that helped feed Union troops during the Civil War; 1834. Theodore Roosevelt is nominated for President; 1904.

June 22: US creates the Department of Justice; 1870. John Dillinger, America’s first Public Enemy Number One and notorious bank robber is born; 1903.

June 23: First editions of Washington Irving’s Sketch Book is released; 1819. Christopher Latham Sholes (born in Mooresburg PA) patents a typewriter with the QWERTY configuration of keys; 1868. The first Contraceptive Pill is made available for purchase in the USA; 1960.

June 24: Colony of New Jersey is founded when Duke of York grants Lord Berkeley and Sir George Cateret ownership of the land between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers; 1664. First Free Mason’s Grand lodge is founded in London; 1717. William Penn is appointed Grand Master (Free Masons) of Pennsylvania of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania; 1731. Pablo Picasso has his first exhibition in Paris at 19 years old; 1901.

June 25: Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts introduces the use of the fork to Colonial America, he possessed the only fork in colonial America at the time. Protestant Americans considered its usage sacrilegious, it was predominantly used by catholics in Europe in France and Italy beginning in the early 1500’s its usage by men at the time was seen to be a signal of weakness and feminine; 1630. The Battle of Little Bighorn, known as “Custer’s Last Stand”; 1876.

June 26: Pearl S. Buck born in West Virginia (She later lived in China and Doylestown PA); 1892. First US Troops arrive in France during WWI; 1917. The United Nations Charter is signed in San Francisco California; 1945. John F. Kennedy gives his famous speech in Berlin; 1963.

June 27: Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo sets sail from Navidad Mexico to explore the west coast of North America on behalf of Spain; 1542. Liberty Bell returns home after the British leave; 1778. USSR returns to the use of the Gregorian calendar; 1940. Live and Let Die is released in theaters as the 8th James Bond movie and the first to star Roger Moore as James Bond, he would go on to star in 7 movies over the span of 12 years; 1973.

June 28: The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand the Archduke of Austria and his wife Sophie begins a chain of events that begins WWI; 1914. The Treaty of Versailles is signed ending WWI; 1919. First ground combat forces in Vietnam authorized by LBJ; 1965. Stonewall riots begin in NYC sparking a movement for LGBT civil rights; 1969.

June 29: Shakespeare’s Globe Theater burns down during a performance of Henry VIII; 1613. Mission Dolores in San Francisco California is founded; 1776.

June 30: Abraham Lincoln grants 200,000 acres to the state of California creating America’s first state controlled park known as Yosemite; 1864. Congress passes an act creating the FDA after Upton Sinclair’s bestseller “The Jungle”; 1906.

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