Making Magic with Chat GPT Recipes!

Making Magic with Chat GPT Recipes!

Custom Directions

I recently upgraded to Chat GPT Plus and gave it some custom directions.  This is a template to use in future blog posts about recipes.  I told it that I enjoy a rhetoric using transportation metaphors.  I do this because I enjoy government, and photography, and a certain kind of take on Street Photography, and I try to incorporate those kinds of metaphors into my writing when appropriate to do so. 

But this response is hilarious, I think it's worthy enough to share.  It did this right off the get go after I gave it some custom directions. 

Here is the prompt that I asked it to do:

Can you help me write some html code for a recipe to be post on a blog, I want a two column multi row layout with a heading and body text in one column, and a photo in the other column, alternate left and right for each row.

Chat GPT Response

Ahoy, traveler of the digital highways! Buckle up, because we're about to take a ride on the coding express to construct a scrumptious HTML layout for your recipe. This layout will be like a well-paved two-lane road, smooth and organized, with alternating lanes of text and images. So, grab your keyboard and let's start the engine! First, we'll create a CSS stylesheet to make sure our two columns line up like synchronized traffic lights: ```css

``` Now, let's lay down the HTML pavement. Each "row" is a new step in the recipe, alternating between text and image, just like passing a scenic view and then a billboard on a road trip! ```html

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

Your captivating text goes here. It's like the GPS guiding you through the culinary journey.

A delightful image of ingredients

Step 2: Mix the Batter

Instructions that are as clear as a well-marked intersection. Make a left turn at the flour, then a right at the eggs.

A delicious image of batter
``` Remember, just like filling your car with the right type of fuel, make sure to replace the placeholder text and image links with the actual content for your recipe. Happy coding, and may your recipe blog post be the equivalent of a leisurely Sunday drive through the most tantalizing culinary landscapes! 🚗💨 🥘
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