Never Forget

Never Forget



I took this photo and the cover photo within the first hour of my first time being in New York City.  As a high school student I recall going to school that day and watching history unfold. 

In 2015 I substitute taught at my old high school and on September 11th I asked my students if they knew what happened.  It was a sad and depressing day when only 1 or 2 students could recount some of the events that occurred that day.  I had to explain to my students the events of the day and how it changed America.

I told them the events of my experience on that day as a student in a classroom just across the hall, and hearing the story of one of my classmates being at the World Trade Center just 3 days earlier on that Saturday.  

It is every American's unofficial job to never forget and do what they can to share what happened that day to younger generations.  I would guess that if you were ask teachers today if their students knew about September 11th they would give reports that would be truthful and piss you off for the lack of understanding of history that students day have about events from just 2 decades ago. 

As some therapists may say, The Truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. 

We must never forget. 

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