Naughty and Nice Phraseology

Naughty and Nice Phraseology

It’s the time of the year when Mr. Morris introduced the phrase “We the People” into the American lexicon by adding it to the preamble and finished his work in the committee of style and arrangement which finished their work in September 11 1787.

Using that fact as a baseline thought I would share a somewhat bizzarre phraseology that is popular in Sacramento CA. For decades the appointments office in Sacramento has been some of the best in the world at making people like other people through psychological trickery.

It is actually kind of astonishing how good those women are at doing this trick of imitation. It’s a feminist trick to make a new boyfriend be like an old boyfriend or old friend or something. The point being is the women of Northern California have been doing this for decades and are incredibly gifted at this skill. It has been honed, sharpened, and used countless times on unsuspecting men.

It is more or less common knowledge that the men who leave that office after working in it for a while leave as different people. They tend to become relationship oriented and believing in some kind of magic of mindfulness and things existing as a way of trickery towards feminists. This makes some men who leave that office religious about feminism and women. Essentially they put way too much thought into words and what other men do believing that men are out to destroy women and see the downfall of feminism. So they get mad at things like porn and have strong opinions about men who watch porn, while also ignoring the fact that having an opinion about other men watching pornography is like an gay emotional relationship type of psychological thing. 

Then again Sacramento is also “professionally gay” which is their version of being way too into lgbtq politics and psychology. Essentially the people working in the CA Legislature are professionally and psychologically in the heterosexual closet and out as queer, even if the people working there are privately heterosexual and in a relationship with the opposite sex and parents.

The etymology of Sacramento is of religious origin meaning Sacraments. One of those sacraments in the Catholic religion is that of confession, along with baptism, communion, matrimony, penence and others (there are 7). Essentially these religious traditions have secular phrases people in Sacramento use. 

for the record I’m not that Catholic but neither are people in Sacramento but it doesn’t stop them from being crazy religious.


Phrase 1: “Through Someone Else” this is a meaningless and meaningful phrase for both religious people and government and business. Oddly almost everything in government is through someone else, legislation goes through a process of readings like it’s at mass or something, the entire time it’s authored by an elected official but allmost allthe work and talk about any piece of legislation is done by the legislative aides, clerks, and lobbyists essentially it’s all done through other people but officially done by votes. In business both large and small ones almost everything is done through other people, I run an e commerce business and i I design stuff but the printing and shipping are all done through other people I will never meet. Any way all of this is normal and secular, but in a confession booth the “through someone else” is a priest, even in secular marriages there’s a “through someone else” performing a marriage. People take communion in mass which is a way of connecting to Jesus through a cracker and a sip of wine but also go to restaurants and have bread and wine served to them through someone else like it’s the last supper and Jesus is passing around the bread. The point being is that people do religious things even if they don’t know it and don’t like religion but are normal. People can be religious and not know it.


That is where mindfulness should step in, because noticing our behaviors and things around us can help us recognize what is our doing and what is just random chance. If it’s random chance it could easily be a situation that falls more into fate, psychic beliefs, or religion, but if we are mindful of something we are doing then it becomes within our control and more in line with what people usually mean by “life”

Phrase 2: “Wouldn’t Lie” this phrase in Sacramento is used kind of a lot, it’s supposed to be a way to get people to tell the truth as if they are in a confession booth, because nobody is supposed to lie to a priest or god. But so many people are no longer religious and it’s sometimes combined with another phrase such as “sounds like” it becomes a situation of just the person not at all telling the truth because it sounds like “Would Lie” there’s kind of a lot that sometimes rides on that apostrophe and T.


Phrase 3: “Different Levels” or “Expectations” or “Blown Away” or “Wild” or “I thought it would be different” or “it comes in waves” “there’s energy behind this” or “feeling about someone” or “my body” or my personal favorite “there are different phases this”


These phrases are usually used in conversations about feminism or gender or sex or “socially constructed gender” and these phrases are all women describing their orgasms in a not so secret way but makes it sound as if it is a major feminist secret. This is by far the most hilarious and clever way the women in the appointments office of CA has come up with as a way to mess with guys. It is as close to the etymology of California being a land controlled by only women as it gets. There are different phases to getting a job, but there’s also sexual models that describe orgasms in different phases. So sometimes the government talk at the job can sound sexual for women because they are more sensitive to words then men, so these genius ladies in the CA Appointments office just decided one day to make it about orgasms using Kaplan’s model of sexual pleasure or the duel control model of turn offs and turn ons or Come as you Are’s breaks and accelerators. But they also forget they do this just like a lot of women forget a lot but also somehow remember everything….

Seriously the woman who came up with this 40 or 50 years ago while fighting the patriarchy deserves a feminist medal for this trick.

 My point being is trying to unravel the mystery of women being some of the most forgetful people on earth while also appearing as if they remember everything a guy has ever done in a relationship is a non mutually exclusive problem that is not for the feint of heart to try to solve. 


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