Repressed Memories & The Psychic Phenomenon: A Deep Dive into the Mind's Rollercoaster

Repressed Memories & The Psychic Phenomenon: A Deep Dive into the Mind's Rollercoaster

Repressed Memories & The Psychic Phenomenon: A Deep Dive into the Mind's Rollercoaster

There are instances in life, like a rollercoaster ride, where the twists and turns are so unpredictable that it makes us grip the handrails, sometimes even close our eyes. Our mind, in its infinite complexity, operates in a similar manner. Ever been struck by a memory out of the blue, leaving you wondering, "How did that get buried?" Welcome to the world of repressed memories. Now, pair that with psychic phenomena, and you're in for a ride like no other.

When you zoom out and ponder it, our memories, especially the repressed ones, are filled with unique quirks and mysterious corners that even we, the owners of these memories, struggle to understand. It's like being in a relationship where there's an inside joke you've somehow forgotten, leaving you scratching your head, thinking, "Why can't I remember that?"

Navigating the Maze of Repressed Memories

Society often labels repressed memories as the brain's defense mechanism, a way to shield ourselves from traumatic or unpleasant events. Imagine walking into a bustling cafe, eager for a warm latte, but being met with blaring music that overwhelms and frustrates you. What do you do? Perhaps put on noise-canceling headphones. In many ways, repressing memories is the brain's version of those headphones, filtering out the 'noise' that's too hard to process.

The Psychic Connection: A Surprising Intersection

Now, here's where it gets wild. Some theories suggest that those with psychic abilities, women and men alike, have an uncanny knack for tapping into these repressed memories, both their own and those of others. How, you ask?

  1. Heightened Intuition: Just as a mother often senses when something's amiss with her child or when couples "check-in" to gauge the health of their relationship, psychics possess an intensified version of this intuition. This heightened sensitivity might make them more attuned to hidden memories.
  2. The Veil Between Conscious and Subconscious: Psychics, many believe, navigate the murky waters between the conscious and subconscious mind, bridging the gap that usually keeps repressed memories hidden.
  3. Empathetic Resonance: Have you ever felt overwhelmingly connected to someone's emotions? Psychics, with their profound empathetic abilities, might be sensing the emotional weight of repressed memories, making them come to the forefront.

Diving Deeper: Repressed Memories as Psychic Signposts

Imagine entering an old library with stacks of books covered in dust. Among these, a specific book shines, begging to be read. Some theorize that repressed memories are these shining books, guiding psychics towards deeper insights and revelations. These memories, locked away, could be the keys to understanding certain psychic readings and predictions.

Most of this blog post is written by artificial intelligence, however I suspect there is a mom, or psychic out there who would say they dreamt about these words being posted here long ago…. (Call it a personal intuition or hunch I have about the world if you will.)

Any way I can’t in good conscience post this blog post without a little of my own words from my own mind in it somewhere. I have ridden this rollercoaster of emotions from repressed memories and psychics for many many years, It has given me some of the most heart breaking, as well as some of the most loving memories of my life.

I don’t particularly like talking about my severely mentally ill mom and traumatic 6 months of living with her as a kid, there are many memories that my childhood brain just deleted for good. However, later in life I got ambushed by psychic women from my high school who through psychic mind trickery brought up many of those memories that were lost and forgotten about. This caused a shift in my entire brain over the last ten years.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and rewire itself as we get older, through good training of what we are mindful of, what our brain focuses on, we can rewire, reshape, and literally change how our brains are wired. Most people are wired toward the negative, they focus on the negative, and have difficulty focusing on the positive. This is evolution at work, and despite our evolution brains doing what they want to do which is be lazy and focus on danger, we can through science and proper attention rewire our brains towards the positive and towards the good things we have in life and are grateful for everyday.

In my own inside world I have felt the change of my brain, and how I wake up everyday happy to be alive and grateful for the blessings the day will bring. But 10 years ago I was incapable of getting out of bed and forming a logical sentence because I was haunted by my past, now I write books like its no big deal without even remembering the road that got me here.

Which brings me to a theory I have on repressed memories and psychic abilities that is just my own, and almost entirely untested in the real world.


Let’s be a little psychic and empathetic towards the Moms of the past, who had to figure out how to do mom things all on their own. And by Mom things I mean all the things Moms do for their family without their husband’s knowledge and never explain because it will sound too dumb and take too long to get the guy to the point of which he understands why the mom does what she does. Here are some examples:

  1. The dozen or so mini routines and habits moms have for their kids. Moms figure out their kids and have hacks to help calm them down when they are doing too much, they have mom hacks for road trips, camping, snacks, errands, so on and so on. Literally it is unimaginable to me the level of detail some moms go through just to make their lives a little easier with a few rowdy kids in the backseat and a husband egging them on.
  2. These little things are like little secrets in plain site moms and wives have, for example there could be a mom out there who keeps a some red solo cups in her car just so she can drop some nuts or trail mix in it for her kids. The reason why is that if she just hands the kid the baggy of trail mix, 90% of it will get on the seat, 10% will get into the kid. So she pulls out a red solo cup, drops the nuts in the cup and puts the cup in the cupholder, so the kid could just grab the nuts from the cup instead of fiddling around with the bag…. This is just one hypothetical mom hack, (also a guy hack I do on road trips, Chex mix in a red solo cup while driving long distances is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had)
    1. Any way this is a hack she probable figured out and trained her kids on, but then when the husband gets into the car and just hands the bag of trail mix to the kids while on a road trip the Mom probably goes “Do you know what you have just done? I am not cleaning this mess up”. Then a couple hundred miles down the road the Dad is tired, frustrated, probably hot from being in a desert somewhere in Arizona or California, and sees 90% of the trial mix on the seat and floor of the car the Mom/Wife probably says something like “See you shoulda done the red solo cup thing, would have saved this situation from happening, shoulda listened to me I know everything.” (Or something like that)
  3. My point being is that the Mom/Wife of the house probably has a couple dozen of these little life hacks around the house that does not get noticed that often.

So these hacks, are passed down from mom to mom as repressed memories of sorts. For example: imagine a new mom having an issue with a baby or young child and not knowing what to do before google and YouTube existed. What did she do?

She probably called her mom, or her husband’s mom or any mom for advice. Then that mom had to remember something from 20, 30, maybe 40 or more years ago and pass it on to the new mom. Remembering that life hack for that older mom was a repressed memory she probably forgot about sometime around their child entered middle school.

Combined with how some women can also be psychics, this system of repressed memories and psychic abilities being passed up and down and around the mom community worked for many generations.

But Youtube screwed it all up

Now with Youtube and Google, you have endless information at your fingertips on how to solve some basic mom problems. There are moms on Youtube that are doing way, way, way, too much. I mean just no, there is no way being Pinterest level organized and labeling everything and putting everything in some kind of crafty hobby lobby box is a normal thing for any normal family.

I suspect most family pantries are a somewhat disorganized mess like my pantry is. I know what food I have in there, I generally know where it is at, and I have hands to move things around and hunt for something if I can’t find it in the first 5 seconds.

I have found that Youtube videos can come across as a pushy mom, who enjoys telling other moms what to do, and how to do it. Which isn’t too nice of them. Youtube food videos can be like this, where it comes across as you having to do everything exactly the way they did it and if you are not then you are not doing it right. Look, there’s no right or wrong way to get dinner on the table, so long as dinner gets on the table and is edible it was been done right. The same principle goes to motherhood, there are bad moms who don’t care for their kids, and then 99.9% of other moms who are doing just fine without needing to the input of of perfect Pinterest moms on Youtube with perfectly clean houses and kitchens as if there isn’t a kid in the house while they claim to have 3 young kids but don’t look tired at all ever, I suspect those YouTube moms are rich and hired a nanny to do 90% of the mom things and they just make YouTube vides as if they got it all figured out and other moms who don’t do it like they do suck. NO!!

The problem is that it is so much easier to just spend 5 minutes to google something and get an idea from Pinterest or Youtube then it is actually picking up the phone and calling Mom and having a long conversation until she remembers something from 30 years ago that might be helpful maybe. So there are countless new moms who just google things instead.

Technology has thrown a few wrenches into the system of repressed memories and psychic abilities of being a mom passing down secrets of motherhood to other moms that honed countless generations for man decades.

But you gotta take the good with the bad.

I imagine being a parent is kind of like neuroplasticity, in the sense that it is constantly in a state of being rewired and improving. And with focused attention, parents can look towards the positive of things and stop hounding on the negative.

A Rollercoaster of Discovery

Our understanding of repressed memories and their link to psychic abilities is still in its infancy, much like the thrill of riding a rollercoaster for the first time. Every twist and turn, every hidden memory, and every psychic insight offers an opportunity to learn, grow, and marvel at the wonders of the human psyche.

So the next time you find yourself reminiscing or encountering a psychic phenomenon, pause and reflect. Dive deep into those waters of understanding, because as life has shown us time and again, the most thrilling journeys often lie in the mysteries we've yet to unravel.

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