2004 2008

- College Student studying Government and International Relations

-Solano Community College Speech and Debate

B.A. Government Sacramento -State University 2009


2009 2012

-Sacramento Semester Student 2009 with Senator Lois Wolk.  Mayor Steinberg was Pro Tem of the Senate and Mayor Bass was Speaker of the Assembly.  Two weeks before I graduated college the Senate and Assembly put into place a hiring freeze for new hires, which lasted several years.  Current US Senator Alex Padilla was State Senator Padilla down the hall on the 4th floor. There were 3 budgets passed that year with the help of Senator Maldonado who became Lt. Governor CA avoided a major budget fiasco.  Prior to this I volunteered on her campaign in Summer and Fall of 2008.

-My main work that Spring and Summer was on the Delta Tunnels and staffing the Senator for the Natural Resources Committee attending staff briefings and preparing the research on legislation.  At the end of the session at 11:00 pm I was in a committee hearing about legislation from the conference committee where I first heard “Climate Change” prior to that we all called it “Global Warming.” The lobbyist suggested a change of the term because it better explained the negative impacts such as fires, floods, and droughts then “Global Warming” which was being politicized and discarded as simply the earth getting warmer.

-2011/12 I interned in Governor Brown’s Appointments office under Mona Pasquil.  In this capacity I did general office work and organized resumes and cover letters.  It became evident to me that every job applicant had a near perfect resume and was highly qualified for the job they were seeking.  One secret is to leverage the power of gossip and networking to your advantage if possible.  Being empathetic to the Appointment Secretaries by putting yourself in their shoes and understanding people sometimes like the easy way to do things vs the hard way.  The hard way would be to go through the hundreds of perfect resumes that come in every day with a fine-toothed comb discarding many for arbitrary reasons, then interviewing a small select few several times before making a decision.  The easier way as an Appointment’s Secretary is to ask someone with a good reputation and strong network if they know of anyone who would be a good fit for an appointment.


2013 2016

-Decided not to apply to graduate school or law school because I did not want to take on more student loans and the job market was still tough for people in their mid 20’s.

-In the summer of 2015 I interned in the Capitol Office of Cristina Garcia for a couple months.

-I read about 100 self-help books during this time and also became a substitute teacher.  I went to Paris for a week in December of 2015 which coincidently was during the Paris Accords on Climate Change.  I purchased my ticket on Halloween of 2015 two weeks before the terrorist attacks in Paris.  My plane from SFO was one of the lucky planes that received a bomb threat and I was diverted to Montreal and delayed by about 8 hours.

-In the Summer and Fall of 2016 I interned in the American Canyon field office of then Assemblymember Bill Dodd.  He hired me to be a phone banker on his campaign for State Senate in the office formerly held by Lois Wolk.  Like Senator Wolk in 2008 Bill Dodd won his election by an overwhelming majority.  I also attempted to try to get a job in the CA Legislature after the election with a creative take on a resume that was “The Door Hanger Resume.”


2017 2023

-In the Summer of 2017, I founded Carpowich Art and Photography, where I endeavored to turn my passion for photography into a full-fledged business. My keen interest in art, coupled with my college experience in communication, eventually led me to explore writing and studying history. I delved deep into early California history, researching and authoring several self-published books. In an effort to monetize my creative work, I launched an e-commerce website, featuring my designs, photography, and public domain art. Additionally, I created a YouTube channel, publishing over 100 videos that centered around current events and the pandemic.


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