A Collection of the Facebook posts I did while in Rome.  I posted them in the order of the trip, highlighting the ups, downs, and twists.  Traveling is one of these things where you just gotta role with whatever unexpected things happen, and make the best of whatever is going on.  Not everything you planned for will work out the way you expected, but that's part of the fun of it. 

Adapt, learn, grow, become a stronger better person and return with a broader perspective and a better appreciation for what you have. 

That's one of the many reasons why I enjoy traveling, even if I am traveling alone.  There is nothing like traveling half way around the world on your own to give yourself more confidence. 

As far as a "cheap" way to get a lifetime worth of therapy I consider Rome to be one of the best places to go for that.  The total cost for my trip was about $2,000, but the therapeutic feeling of being in a Roman church is worth tens of thousands of dollars sitting and talking with a therapist. 

The churches in Rome can make you feel a little depressed, that you are small and insignificant, because they are just so epic and so large.  But with that feeling of smallness comes the realization that your troubles and problems in the grand scheme of the world are also small and meaningless, and that you could be more grateful for what you do have and live a better life to try to match the grandness of the church you are in.  

That is a life lesson that Rome gives out for free to people by walking into a church, and for some people that is a psychological breakthrough that takes years of therapy, and a lot more expensive then just simply hopping on a plane and going to Rome for a few days. 

 My Italy Vacation Video on Youtube


This one is non Italy related, but I still think it's an odd prophetic movie. The opening lines are about how social scientists led to the destruction of democracy, and now we have woke social science thinking into our political discourse which has increasingly becoming about rather democracy will continue or we will move towards a more authoritarian system separated by "citizens" and non citizens.



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