Monday 3/14/22 first time to NYC and New Jersey is on pi day. (Maybe a deal on a slice is in my future for lunch or dinner)

arriving masked up via the New Jersey Rail system via the state Capitol of Trenton. 

Bfast was a plane non toasted bagel with cream cheese from Dunkin, also grabbed myself my favorite espresso drink. The iced Americano.

 “Bully” Waterman still holds the world record for a clipper ship from NYC to Hong Kong. Americans still drink coffee over tea because of the Revolution. However in the 1850’s the British sanctions on USA tea imports were lifted allowing clipper ships to go from the east coast to Asia and back to the east coast then loaded onto bigger ships for England. Waterman founded my hometown of Fairfield CA named after the county and township of Fairfield Connecticut.

 Now it is physically impossible to get to all the places on a tourist list of NYC in a single day. I arrived about 2:00 pm and left on a train ride back to the place I’m staying at 10. 

My first 8 hours included me walking 32 thousand steps. The first 10k is almost exactly from Penn station to battery park.

west street near Greenwich.

stop one was the 9/11 memorial. Which almost made me cry remembering that day. This is a moving tribute to all the souls lost that day and in the 1991 bombing.

Stop two was the Statue of Liberty. Thanks France for this awesome gift. And thank you old American people who donated spare change from all over the country for the construction of the pedestal. It took 20 years for her to change to this color and she is older than the Eiffel Tower. 

this is of course named after the Bronx native Gouverneur Morris who opened America’s first chartered bank in Philadelphia. And at the grand old age of 35 (my current age) he was in charge of the committee on style and arrangement of the constitution and he  penned the preamble including her opening line “We the People” this street is just south one block of Wall Street and is a fun little walk to Beaver street.

from here I walked to Broadway and took a photo of the NYSE then walked to city hall to see the Nathan Hale and Ben Franklin statues and then I decided to walk to Brooklyn across the bridge.

I then caught the end of the sunrise in Dumbo.

at this point I’m about 20k steps in and am feeling like it’s time for dinner. (I took the subway)

So I went to Katz. And it was everything I ever imagined it would be. Omg. I also think I just ruined every Pastrami on rye I’ll ever have in the future because I’ll compare it to this $25 sandwich in NYC. And I’m okay with that and I would do it again, I also don’t feel ripped off, Brisket is expensive and this was as good as brisket can get. It’s own level of awesomeness.

After dinner I hit up Times Square for a quick minute before finally walking back to Penn Station for my train ride back to Pennsylvania.

See you on St. Patty’s Day NYC. Not bad for my first 8 hours in NYC. I’m giving my feet a rest and a pat on the back.

missed the parade but I got a good walk in from Penn Station to the Met.


I only had an hour to see as much as I could. I think I did a good job. It’s not quite the same splendor as the Louvre but I enjoyed it as much as I did the Orsay. It makes SF and LA museums look small. 


had a couple slices from 5th Ave Pizza made by some Mexicans. The multiculturalism of NYC is unparalleled. 

it was kind of foggy and wet this St. Patrick’s Day but I finally made it to the United Nations building.


my first Guinness in years and it’s perfect. I have about another hour to kill before I catch my bus to DC for a one night stay. This must be the spot  is the name of the bar here at Penn Station. 

about 26k steps around NYC.

caught a FlixBus across from Madison Square Garden headed for Washington DC. Where I will be spending one night before heading back to NYC on Saturday. It was about a quarter of the price and the extra time saves me a hotel night because I will be arrive mid morning. 


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