Writing Advice from the Past.

Writing Advice from the Past.

I was digging around my office today and found this little blast from the past from my very first trip to the State Capitol of California when I was a 4th grader.  Governor Pete Wilson was in office and Senator Henry Mello was in leadership.  The legislative handout about the process is the same then as it was when I got another copy as an intern in college in 2009 and is probably the same today in 2022.  

However I seriously doubt that there is a Senator or Assemblymember who would hand out writing advice to their constituents about how to write a letter to them about a bill. 

Having processed hundreds if not thousands of letters as an intern in the legislature and having read the poor writing of the letters from lobbyists and lawyers and constituents I think it is probably a good idea for Senators and Assemblymembers to begin handing something like this out again. 

Clearly the war over poor writing and letters that get passed around between lobbyists and the Assembly and Senate has been won by the Lobbyists.  I was able to capture this moment in time of the Senate and Assembly attempting to elevate the writing game of Sacramento just a little bit. 

 You can email ArtsbyDylan@gmail.com if you would like a copy of this as a pdf for your own.  

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