North Bay Area Timeline

North Bay Area Timeline

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North Bay Area Timeline

This timeline is one that took a lot of work to put together and something I finished years ago.  It was an independent study of the history of Solano/Napa/Sonoma/Sacramento/San Francisco counties.  Along with other interesting history that I found to be important at the time.  I believe I finished this timeline sometime in 2018.  It is included in my book "Collected Writings" 

I chose Travis AFB as the photo for this blog post because I find their school district's website to be somewhat funny.  

It includes a very long and detailed timeline that I believe begins with the Big Bang and Dinosaurs.  It also includes useful historical information about the Solano/Sonoma/Napa area along with useful national historical facts and international historical facts. 

I have included some of that information within this timeline, and put this timeline together with the same kind of intent. 

I also decided to reverse the order to make it a little different from other timelines.  The reason why is somewhat logical.

1. It is different which makes it more original.

2. I believe the older knowledge and information something is the higher up it becomes.  So when it is printed in my book, as you go up in page numbers, the oder the timeline becomes reenforcing the idea that Historical knowledge from long ago is a way up the metaphorical "ladder"

3. Sometimes we know things well in advance which makes us a little psychic.  Like when and where the olympics are going to be years into the future.  Or when a major construction project is going to be completed.  This makes some aspects of the news and history psychic like and when the events happen it becomes historical.  So I decided to include the Paris, and Los Angeles olympics in my timeline back in 2018 even though it was well into the future and hasn't happened yet.  

4. This timeline does not include anything covid related because it was pre pandemic.  So it doesn't include any of that stuff because that was a new and unpredictable historical event, the same with the Russia Ukraine War and now the Israeli Hamas war.  

Check out this PDF:




That's Classified!!!! 

This may contain secrets from the Northern Bay Area Counties of California. 

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