Process for Books

Process for Books

I figured I would make a quick blog post about the my process of posting each book.  

Sometimes the internet has a way of making a lot of work look very easy like it was not that much work to do.  

For each book here is what me and my Dad do.

1. We look at each book and determine its condition, write a detailed description that includes all the necessary information for the specific book, my Dad looks up a comparable price of the book and sets a price, and adds it to our running spreadsheet.  This alone takes about 10 minutes per book. 

2. I take several photographs of each book in my Lightbox, some of the photos on this website are a few years old, because I have not gotten around to reshooting all of the hundreds of books I've already done. Each photoshoot for each book is about a 3-5 minute process.  

3. I then upload the photos into Lightroom, rename each set with the name of the book, then export it into a folder.  

4. I then have to go into Shopify to create a product for each book, sometimes I could just upload my google spreadsheet, but other times I have to create a new product for each book.  I then have to copy and paste the information from the spreadheet to the description, set the price, and upload the photos, organize it into a collection and publish.  This process takes another 2-3 minutes per book. 


The total time for each book to get onto the internet is roughly 15 minutes.  So far there are roughly 800 books for sale on this website. 

15 times 800 is 12,000 minutes divided by 60 is 200 hours.

This has been more of a fun activity to do with my Dad in his retirement, but as far as a sales vs time ratio it kind of is not that great.  I sell a few books a year, which is making far far less than minimum wage.  

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