DNC 2024

Enjoy this collection celebrating Democrats and the city of Chicago.

The name Chicago originated from the Miami and Illinois Native Americans and had several meanings including: striped skunk, wild leeks, and the river where the leeks were plentiful, later on the town that was built alongside the river became known as Chicago.

I hope you enjoy this collection and if you want to learn some interesting history loosely linked to Chicago click the blog post below.

Chicago was home to the Columbian Exposition of 1894 which closed the wild frontier for good. Chicago also had a large meat processing industry and was the end point for many cattle drives that originated in Texas.

Along with being a railway hub at the center of trains that went from Sacramento to New York City, Chicago has been one of America's most important cities, even though it sometimes can be a third wheel when compared to Los Angeles and New York City.

Chicago Dog Blog Post

A look back at "We the People" the DNC in 2020

Collection: DNC 2024

This collection features the Chicago city flag with a D for "Democrat"

I can not use the actual logo for the Democratic Party because they copyrighted it back in 2011 and renewed it for another 10 years in 2023.  How they convinced the US Copyright office that a circle with the letter "D" in the middle is an original idea that needs copyright protection I will never figure out.  I mean letters are public domain, and a circle is the most basic shape in existence and has been used for thousands of years and usually shapes are not copyrighted and are also public domain.  It's as if they copyrighted the word "DO" which is nothing more than a circle and a D. 

But I'm pretty sure if I submitted a copyright claim for the word "DO" and cited the Democratic Party logo as a precedent I would get a rejection letter along the lines of me being an idiot for trying to copyright the word do.  

So I had to change it up a bit.  I forgot about the circle, and changed the font on the letter D.  But I did use the same color that is commonly used in the copyrighted logo.  I'm almost 100% sure that the Democratic Party has not created some new shade of blue that is only to be used by them. 

Luckily, the city of Chicago has all of their design assets available for the public to use because their flag is public domain.  So I downloaded the image from the city of Chicago and came up with this new(ish) design for the DNC in 2024 for products sold at ArtsbyDylan dot com.

My only other observation of the Democrat Party logo aside from being a knock off of Target's logo, is that it is oddly coital in its design.  A circle has been a symbol of womanhood for thousands of years, and I understand the "D" stands for Democrat which comes from Ancient Greece and their word for Democracy, which is a combination of the two greek words, demo for "People" and kratia for "Power/Rule".  Maybe I'm reading too much into the logo and watched too many Robert Langdon movies, but the logo just seems very feminist.  Like women have power over the patriarchy and run the party.  It is also oddly gender/sex binary in its design, which contradicts the party being inclusive of whatever "all genders" is.